Soothing Trump's ego isn't a good reason for a military parade

Tuesday , February 13, 2018 - 6:00 AM

Rich Lowry's commentary supporting President Donald’ Trump's proposed parade was a jewel of minimization of the downside and misrepresentation of responsible objections (“A military parade is just what America needs,” Feb. 12 Standard-Examiner).

The biggest downside I see is putting on a multi-million dollar military display parade simply to assuage the desires of an unstable, narcissistic wanna-be Putin. Trump wants to have it so he can one-up other world leaders in ostentatious power.

Most of us do like parades, even military ones. But there is a time and reason needed, other than the ego-soothing of a president. If we need one this spring, Congress should declare a new holiday, like May 10 for the capture of Ticonderoga, or in June for victory in Battle of Midway or D-Day in World War II.

And Lowry's attempt at equating Trump's desires for a parade with Bastille Day, a true victory for all the world's citizens over oppressive government (which is the way most historians see Bastille Day), displays his defense of Trump strategy — change the argument and minimize Trump's displays of powermania.

Trump's closeness to Putin, his denial of the (obvious) interference in our elections, his war on the FBI and our foreign intelligence (CIA et al) are not just mischievous pranks; together, they show us a dangerous man in pursuit of more and more power.

Bob Burns

South Ogden

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